SFAL and Planet Comicon Kansas City Announce an Exciting New Collaboration!



Be a part of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live by volunteering at the event that celebrates the fantastic arts and its creators. SFAL is a fantasy-focused art fair, in which attendees can see and purchase originals, prints, sculpture, crafts, toys and more from today’s top artists in the field of fantasy art. SFAL is looking for personable, energetic volunteers with a passion for the arts. Volunteers can be students, artists, art lovers, or anyone who wants to help make SFAL the best art show of the year. SFAL Volunteers get a free badge to the event and access to the top artists and art in the world of fantasy art.

1. How do I become a volunteer?

Volunteers assist with show set-up and dismantle of the venue, info desk operations, merchandise sales, messengers, crowd coordinators, and various other tasks. We’re also on the lookout for specialized skills, so if you think you have something to offer, please let us know!

3. How do i get my badge type changed to volunteer?

Work just 20 hours and get a full reimbursement of your weekend membership or work 5 hours to get reimbursed for a single day badge.

Reimbursements will be mailed out after the convention.

Age limits and possible waiver form/info for minors.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at info@spectrumfantasticartlive.com for more details and become part of the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live team!

4. What is the amount of and how will I receive my reimbursement?

Once you are accepted as a volunteer, we will make that change in the system.


2. What are my duties as a volunteer?