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J.A.W. Cooper was born in England, raised by freshwater ecologists, grew up all over the globe (Kenya, Sweden, Ireland, etc), and currently lives in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Iain is an internationally recognized and award winning artist and one of the motion picture industry’s leading conceptual designers. His exceptional command of human anatomy, character, emotional expression and visual narrative make him on of the most sought after artists working in the entertainment industry today. He has worked for Lucasfilm as one of the principal designers on Star Wars Episode One—The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode Two—Attack of the Clones, and: Star Wars Episode Three—Revenge of the Sith. His work includes the landmark designs for Queen Amidala and Darth Maul. His other film credits include: James Cameron's 'Terminator II', Steven Spielberg's 'Hook', Francis Ford Coppola's

Wendy Pini

coauthored The Artist’s Guide to Sketching in 1982. During the same period, he worked as a background painter for the animated film Fire and Ice, co-produced by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta.

His freelance illustration career began with paperback book covers, where he developed his characteristic realistic renderings of fantastic scenes, often using posed models and handmade maquettes for reference. His has worked on more than a dozen assignments for National Geographic magazine, painting reconstructions of Moche, Kushite, and Etruscan civilizations. The inspiration that came from researching these scenes of ancient life led to a series of lost world paintings, including ”Dinosaur Parade” and ”Waterfall City.” With the encouragement of retired publishers Ian and Betty Ballantine, he committed two years’ time to writing and illustrating Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time, which was published in 1992.

Solo exhibitions of his artwork have been presented at The Smithsonian Institution, The Norman Rockwell Museum, The Norton Museum of Art, The Delaware Art Museum, and other venues. He is a popular lecturer at art schools, movie studios and game companies, and he teaches occasional workshops. His most recent book, Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter (2010) was Amazon’s #1 bestselling book on painting for over 52 weeks and is based on his daily blog

Skybourne and the upcoming  World of Payne with famed novelist Thomas Sniegoski.

Frank Cho has won many awards, including the prestigious Emmy, the National Cartoonists Society's awards for Best Comic Book and Best Book Illustraion, the Eagle Award, the Charles M. Schulz Award for Excellence in Cartooning, the Scripps-Howard Award for Best College Cartoonist, the College Media Association award for cartooning, Spain's Haxtur Award for Best Artist, and the Max & Mortiz Prize, Germany's highest award for an international comic strip. He also was nominated for the coveted Harvey and Eisner awards.

Gary's work harks back to the golden age of illustrating, to people like Vierge, Clement Coll, Booth and Krenkel.

In 1997 collaborating with Archie Goodwin, his illustrations won him The Eisner Award for Best Short Story, Heroes, in Batman: Black And White, for DC Comics.

In 1998, Robert E. Howard's Savage Tales of Solomon Kane was published by Wandering Star Press. Gary spent a year and a half doing 200 pen drawings and seven oil paintings to illustrate the adventures of Howard's brooding puritan hero.

In 2001, Gianni illustrated a companion to Solomon Kane - Robert E. Howard's Bran Mak Morn: The Last King. This compiles the complete tales of Howard's doomed lost race and its tragic warrior king. Illustrated with eight color plates and over forty-five pen and ink drawings.

Also reissued this fall is a limited edition of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Printed on heavy stock, it is a complete graphic novel of Jules Verne's adventures of Captain Nemo and his submarine, The Nautilus. Includes tipped-in color painting and an original pen and ink sketch by Gary Gianni suitable for framing.

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Laurie Lee Brom grew up in the historical town of Charleston, South Carolina, the local ghost stories and folk tales of the swampy Low County, and rich Gullah culture stirring her imagination. She spent untold hours pursuing pixies and tree frogs in the hollow logs and Pluff Mud of her own backyard. Today she still pursues fairy folk along with all manner of curious ghosts and odd characters in her enchanting portraits and paintings.

'Dracula', Neil Jordan’s 'Interview With the Vampire', Sony/Revolution/Universal’s ‘Peter Pan’, and Warner Brothers’'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'. He is also Co-Producer and Concept Design Director on Ascendant Pictures’ science-fiction epic: ‘Outlander’.


Wendy Pini is the co-creator, writer, artist and colorist of Elfquest, America’s longest-running fantasy graphic-novel series. She has worked for every major comics company, has written and painted two Beauty and the Beast graphic novels based on the original TV series and has birthed a critically acclaimed 400-page futuristic reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, currently in development as a Broadway-style musical thriller.

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Terryl Whitlatch is a scientific and academically trained creature designer and concept artist. Combining in-depth knowledge of zoology and animal anatomy with incredible illustration skills, Terryl is celebrated as one of the top creature designers in the world. Terryl has worked with many studios, including Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic, and Walt Disney Feature Animation, on such films as Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Brother Bear, Jumanji 1 & 2, Men in Black and The Polar Express.

Terryl whitlatch

J.A.W. Cooper

Richard Pini is the co-creator, sometimes-writer and full-time editor of Elfquest. As such, he is well acquainted with the challenges of running a successful two-person company for over thirty-five years with his wife. In addition, he has participated in books on the art of Wendy Pini (Law and Chaos and the upcoming Line of Beauty) and of Alex Schomburg (Chroma). A graduate of MIT in astronomy, Richard also is a planetarium scripter, lecturer and teacher who has written about the wonders of the heavens.

James Gurney

writes and illustrates: “The Plucker”, an adult children’s book, “The Devil’s Rose”, a modern western set in Hell, “The Child Thief”, a gritty, nightmarish retelling of the Peter Pan myth, and his latest concoction, "Krampus, the Yule Lord", a tale of revenge between Krampus and Santa set in rural West Virginia.

Brom is currently kept in a dank cellar somewhere in the drizzly Northwest. There he subsists on poison spiders, centipedes, and bad kung-fu flicks. When not eating bugs, he is ever writing, painting, and trying to reach a happy sing-a-long with the many demons dancing about in his head.

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Oregon-based Terry Dodson has been a professional artist since 1993. He has worked on such comic books and characters as Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Superman, Wonder Woman, the X-Men, Harry Potter, the Defenders, the Avengers. He has worked for Hasbro, Mattel, DC Entertainment, Warner Brothers, ESPN, Electronic Arts, Hanna-Barbara, Marvel Entertainment, Sideshow Collectibles and many other clients.

Terry is now working on creator owned comics as well, currently the new graphic novel series "Red One" with writer Xavier Dorison, shipping in WINTER 2015 from IMAGE Comics.

Terry has also worked in toy and statue design, animation and video games and has had gallery exhibitions featuring his paintings. He remains a popular artist in the industry - a status he attributes in large part to the contributions of his wife, Rachel, who adds her talented inking to his work.


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James Gurney is the artist and author best known for his illustrated book series Dinotopia. He specializes in painting realistic images of scenes that can’t be photographed, from dinosaurs to ancient civilizations. He is also a dedicated plein air (outdoor) painter and sketcher, believing that making studies directly from observation fuels his imagination.

Born in California in 1958, the son of a mechanical engineer, he taught himself to draw by reading books about the illustrators Norman Rockwell and Howard Pyle. He studied archaeology at the University of California at Berkeley, receiving a degree in anthropology with Phi Beta Kappa honors. Prompted by a cross-country adventure on freight trains, he

Gary Gianni graduated from The Chicago Academy Of Fine Art in 1976. From there, he worked for the Chicago Tribune as an illustrator and Network Television News as a courtroom sketch artist. His artwork has appeared in numerous magazines, children's books and paperbacks.

1990 marked his debut in the illustrated graphic novel field with adaptations of The Tales of O. Henry and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea for the Classics Illustrated series.

At Dark Horse Comics, he wrote and drew Indiana Jones and The Shrine Of The Sea Devil, collaborated with such major writers as Harlan Ellison and Andrew Vachss and teamed up with Michael Kaluta to work on the enduring pulp hero, The Shadow. He is the creator of The Monstermen Mysteries running as a back-up feature in Mike Mignola's Hellboy.

IAn Mccaig

Born in the deep dark south in the mid-sixties. Brom, an army brat, spent his entire youth on the move and unabashedly blames living in such places as Japan, Hawaii, Germany, and Alabama for all his afflictions. From his earliest memories Brom has been obsessed with the creation of the weird, the monstrous, and the beautiful.

At age twenty, Brom began working full-time as a commercial illustrator in Atlanta, Georgia. Three years later he entered the field of fantastic art he’d loved his whole life, making his mark developing and illustrating for TSR’s best selling role-playing worlds.

He has since gone on to lend his distinctive vision to all facets of the creative industries, from novels and games, to comics and film. Most recently he's created a series of award winning horror novels that he both

Terry Dodson

Frank Cho never had any formal training in art but taught himself to write and draw by reading art books and comics. He launched the comic strip Liberty Meadows on March 31, 1997, distributed worldwide by Creators Syndicate. From day one, the strip was a critical success, hailed for its hilarious writing and superb art. In 2002, Cho moved the hugely successful strip to Image Comics.

Impressed by his comic's writing and art, Cho was recruited by Axel Alonso, editor-in-chief at Marvel Entertainment. Since then, he has worked on many top-tier books at Marvel, including Spider-Man, The Mighty Avengers, Hulk, X-Men, Shanna the She-Devil, and Savage Wolverine.

In his spare time, Frank Cho works on video-game designs, movies and oil paintings for various art-gallery shows. He also works on his creator-owned projects, such as Guns & Dinos, Zombie King,