You want to have fun, we want everyone to have fun—safely. For that to happen SFALive has a few rules for the safety and comfort of everyone. Please comply so that you and everyone else has an enjoyable show. If at any time you are concerned about something going on or observe or experience anything improper taking place, please notify one of the the uniformed Security Guards or Police Officers who will be visible and present throughout the event.  

• Attendees must respect common sense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, private and public property, and the laws of the state of Missouri. We want a safe and enjoyable experience for all convention members. Harassing or offensive behavior of any kind, physical or verbal, directed at anyone will not be tolerated. With regard to Cosplay: Cosplay is not consent and the same zero tolerance of harassment rules apply. SFALive reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the tickets of anyone that fails to abide by this policy. Licensed Security and Kansas City Police will be on hand to enforce this policy: if you experience harasement, report it to SFAL staff immediately at registration or at the information booth or one of the uniformed security guards.

• Your badge or wristband will be necessary to attend any convention function or activity. If you’re asked to show your badge or wristband by staff or security, please do so.

• No pets are allowed: only service animals will be allowed into the convention center.

• Costumes and Cosplay are welcome, but the convention center has a No Weapons Policy. If your costume includes a replica weapon, it must be inspected and rendered safe and inoperable; costume swords must be tied to your costume in such a way that they cannot be drawn.

• There will be no personal pages over the PA system.

• No smoking is allowed at any Convention event at any time in the convention facility or the associate hotels. Smokers may step outside to light up, but please be courteous of others and use any ashtrays that are provided. Neatness counts!

• No handcarts or over-sized strollers are allowed on the exhibit floor.

• No video or audio recordings are allowed during panels, presentations, or ceremonies. Photos and videos on the exhibit floor are permitted as long as doing so is not a distraction or obstructs traffic in the aisles; some exhibitors may not be comfortable having their work photographed, so please ask first and respect their preferences.

• Please do not give your badge or wristband away to people outside the convention center when you leave SFALive.


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