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John Fleskes - Director

John Fleskes is the president and publisher of Flesk Publications. As a long-time admirer of a wide spectrum of artists’ works, he felt their creators had slipped into obscurity, or lacked the means to gain exposure. In answer to this dilemma, he founded Flesk Publications in 2002. He has published close to sixty books to date. John has contributed to numerous books as writer, editor and designer and serves as the director of the annual showcase “Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.” In his spare time, John enjoys spending time at the seaside, surfing and photography.

Our Staff

SFAL is the event that celebrates the fantastic arts. Its goal is to honor the artists and put on a fantasy-art convention that anyone is welcome to attend and enjoy. Creators can display, share and sell their originals, prints, sculptures, crafts and toys as well as participate in presentations, panels, portfolio reviews, workshops and educational opportunities.
For peers, students, collectors and fans of fantastic art, SFAL delivers access to professionals and their creations. These artists have worked in every industry, ranging from films and video games to all forms of publishing, sculpture, fine art and beyond. SFAL is a platform to sell and promote their products and a venue to network for these industries. SFAL empowers and supports these artists.

SFAL’s mission includes being a place where all artists and students are welcomed without prejudice, in which the art and the artists are the purpose, where artists aren’t bumped by corporations or excluded because of style or methodology.

Cathy & Arnie Fenner - Directors
1993 - 2013

In 1993 Cathy and Arnie combined both their personal and professional interests in the fantastic arts to form Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art—but that has not been the limit of their celebration of the field. They have written, designed, and edited a series of titles devoted to the works of Frank Frazetta, Jeffrey Jones, Jon Foster, Robert E. McGinnis, John Jude Palencar, Dave Stevens, and many others that have been published by Underwood Books. The Fenners have also co-curated two Spectrum exhibits at the Museum of American Illustration in New York City and have sponsored numerous student scholarships for aspiring artists. Together they’ve received ten Locus Awards and been nominated for the Hugo Award. Cathy and Arnie are constantly thinking of ways to expand the public’s awareness of and appreciation for the fantastic arts and the people who create it; they’re currently working on a new book about the history of the field. In addition, they are the head organizers of the annual event, Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.


Created in 2012, SFAL is the annual show where the artists and students are the stars.
SFAL promotes diversity in the arts and provides educational opportunities. The event puts students, attendees, art directors and studios together to help build connections and jobs. SFAL’s mission is to grow the appreciation of fantastic art across all media. It also highlights the increasing impact technology has on the arts and provides platforms for these creators and innovators.

Kathy Chu

Manager of all


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